Confusion about binding and two-way binding to a data object

I am trying to use binding to update my object in javascript.

I have an object - custExtra - that can have values from the database, OR have values set via the form.

When I set them via the form, I cannot access that value in the javascript.

If I log the value, it’s undefined, but when I log the object custExtra, I can see under observers that there is:

get GeneralInfo_Timezone
set GeneralInfo_Timezone

under the set, I can see a property currentValue, and that has my current value. But I can’t access it.

I have tried both value.two-way and value.bind.

Attached is my gist showing the issue:


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There’s a typo in it! :slight_smile:

GeneralInfo_Timezone vs GeneralInfo_TimeZone


I am so totally embarrassed that I did not notice this!

Thank you for pointing it out.