Contact Manager App documentation

What happened to contact manager app tutorial/ documentation?


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Any updates on this?

After some confusion about how to scaffold a new project (au new uses Aurelia v1),
I’m now trying the contact manager tutorial using Aurelia v2 with Typescript (via npx makes aurelia).

But after making the changes in the tutorial, and accounting for what I thought were parts of the tutorial docs that weren’t updated, I’ve discovered that the Typescript isn’t building correctly.
The types seem to be incomplete and/or incorrect.

Now I just found this issue.
Is it possible that the Contact Manager Tutorial is only for Aurelia v1?

I’ve been assuming that the main site,, is for the latest version, v2. Is this correct?

The V1 docs are at
The V2 docs are at

@lancelot316 Thanks.

I notice that the docs don’t say which version they are for.
And the main site’s “Get Started” button links to the v1 docs.

It is confusing to know where to start.
Does it matter much?

I’ve used Angular 1 & 2, and React. They all seem to become bloated over time.
I also insist on Typescript, so Vue doesn’t quite work for me, since it doesn’t have strong support for Typescript in templates.
Svelte is an option, but I find Aurelia’s approach to be much cleaner, so I’m looking forward to working with it.

A good beginner tutorial (if you’re working with Aurelia 2) is the crypto price tracker app. It guides you through create components, interacting with a UI and other core Aurelia concepts. Building a realtime cryptocurrency price tracker - The Aurelia Docs — there are several Aurelia 2 tutorials in the works which will be launching imminently.

Getting started is a huge priority in Aurelia 2 to help people get accustomed to and fall in love with Aurelia 2.

On the question of where to start, with Aurelia1 or Aurelia2 I don’t think it matters as much as it would with some frameworks. The concepts between the two versions are remarkably stable, given I have limited experience with Aurelia2, but Its not like the upgrade from angular1 to Angular2 where everything was different. Just as an example I wanted try and get the Contact manager tutorial working in Aurelia2 just as an exercise/learning experience I was able to complete everything through the “Building Out Contact Detail Screen” section in about an hour. Most of the concepts of components and templating carried over with almost no modifications. The only changes that I needed to make were

  1. Dropping the enclosing <template></template> tag in the component html files.
  2. Changing the names of the lifecycle methods (Activate became load, etc.)

The only thing that was difficult in the process was understanding the differences between the Aurelia1 router and the Aurelia2 router. That is where I think the most time will be spent understanding the differences between Aurelia1 and Aurelia2. I was able to get the routing working but I am still not quite sure why it works and need to take some more time to understand that better.

some of the resources that I have found to be helpful in my own journey with Aurelia are

  1. Aurelia In Action by Sean Hunter
  2. The Aurelia 2 Book by Dwayne Charrington
  3. Beginning Aurelia Development by Rob Eisenberg via Vimeo on Demand
  4. Intermediate Aurelia Development by Rob Eisenberg via Vimeo on Demand

@lancelot316 Thanks for the info about the v2 docs. Very helpful!
@dwaynecharrington Thanks, I’m about to start the crypto price tracker tutorial you suggested.

I’ve studied the “Getting Started” and “Getting to Know Aurelia” sections. I found these much improved over the v1 docs!

Where should I share my feedback about the v2 docs?
I doesn’t appear that there are feedback links on the v2 doc pages yet.