Announcing the Aurelia 2 Beta

A blog post for the announcement here: Announcing The Aurelia 2 Beta | Aurelia

After thousands of commits, tens of thousands of tests and countless hours working on the latest and greatest version of Aurelia, Aurelia 2 is officially in beta. If you have been keeping up with the alpha releases, you will already know what awesome new features and functionality Aurelia 2 brings. If not, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

While a lot of work has gone into ensuring Aurelia 2 is stable, there is still more work to be done on making Aurelia even better. Having said that, nothing is stopping you from using Aurelia 2 now. All you have to do is run npx makes aurelia on the command line (as long as you have Node.js and Npm installed).

As always, we welcome all feedback, bug reports and feature requests to help shape Aurelia. Thank you to the community for your patience, support and understanding. This release was made possible due to your unwavering support.

If you want to learn more about Aurelia 2, the new docs are comprehensive and a great foray into Aurelia 2.


That’s great news. Thank you very much.

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Thank you for being such an important part of the community.


Good news at begin of the year.

In new Docs is missing some clarifications about this:

  • Only support TS? or you can do it with JS?
  • if you can do with JS when will show in the Docs the respective code / demonstration?
  • About communication between parent and child component: how emit event with and without data?

And i would be great to see more blog posts as changelog or the state of Aurelia 2,

Thank you.

ESNext is an option per the docs.

  • Option one: “Default ESNext Aurelia 2 App” this is a basic Aurelia 2 Javascript application using Babel for transpiling and Webpack for the bundler.

  • Option two: “Default Typescript Aurelia 2 App” this is a basic Aurelia 2 TypeScript application with Webpack for the bundler.

  • Option three: “Custom Aurelia 2 App” no defaults, you choose everything.

I will actually start to dive into v2 now that it has a beta tag, but prior to that. I’d like to know far more about the “Compat” package. You mention this, and then you go to breaking changes. What does the Compat package do? Does it make it so you don’t have to handle the breaking changes? Once breaking changes are resolved, can one simple drop the compat package and all is well?


An quickest way to get an application in v1 up an running in v2 is to include the compat package. It can be done via 2 steps:

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First of all: Thanks for the hard word and the sign of life. It came at the last possible moment for us. We’ve already started moving projects to Svelte (accompanied by lot’s of swearing and head scratching…

Unfortunately I still could not find any references to “SSR” or “server side rendering” when I searched the docs. Did I overlook something or is it still missing? Because that would definitely stop us from using Aurelia 2 for now.


This is GREAT news - congrats to the team, and thank you for continuing the effort to what I feel is the best JS framework available today.


You’re welcome. We’re sorry it took longer than anticipated to get this out. Now, SSR is something on the roadmap. Sadly do not have a specific timeframe for when this will be available. We want to ensure that it’s functional and performant SSR (works with routing and so forth). We will have more regular updates where things like SSR will be discussed.


Good news, :smiley:
I sent a re-tweet on it.
It would be nice if the whole Aurelia community did the same on the different social networks (mastodom, twitter, …)


'ing finally, thank you all and keep up the good work.

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Great news! Thanks much!


We appreciate the effort, thank you!

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Congratulations and thank you! Aurelia is enormously valuable and has proved its longevity and resilience. Aurelia is genius


While I can’t comment on parent/child component communication, I can surface the information I was able to find out through exploring the new event handling changes in 2.0.0-beta.1 have a look at that thread for details and if you know of relevant changes that should be there, please add in replies.

Hello Dwayne,

Good to know Aurelia 2 Beta is out. I’m trying to contact you by email for some months now and haven’t received a reply. Can you check if you’re receiving them?

Samir Zattar (

Congratulations for the efforts Aurelia team puts in v2.

Suggestion for beginners: the skeleton generated by npx makes could include 2 routes (route A, route B) and two controllers (AController, BController) and their template. Very simple logic could be included (current time display on AController, a field and a button to get the uppercase value of an input in BController).

Link to the router documentation as a comment above routes declaration and link to the form binding documentation as a comment in the controller could be helpful.

By the way, npx makes is far better then custom CLI. When a framework requires a special tool to build or to run it tells a lot about is complexity and how bad it is encapsulated. I think native webpack is the way to go and gives more time to the aurelia dev team for the framework core.

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So a long time for a Beta. I know how hard it is to deliver things on time, but the development of the aurelia gives the feeling that is stuck. I was a big enthusiast, but it looks abandoned by its creator.
I kind of had hoped that Microsoft took some attention to Aurelia, but instead, once again move the main dev to work on other fancy projects, and leaving the frameworks to die.
I know that my comment can be no much motivational, but is maybe the reason of why aurelia lost the momentum.

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The number of PRs that have been submitted to the GH repo and merged lately, seems to indicate that your claim might be unfounded.