Direct routing supporting open in new tab

Hi, I am working in Aurelia2 with the direct routing options with multiple viewports (ie http://admin/page - where admin is using the au-viewport on my-app and page is using the viewport on the admin/index page). When there are links output on the admin index page to link to the pages in admin folder (sub routes) the links are output in href as if they are top level addresses so I get


instead of


The router will intercept this so this works while navigating, however, it negates the use of opening a link in another window or tab. Is there an option that will output the full link in the href (or perhaps output a relational route) so that the open link in new window is still available or do all links have to be done manually with configured routing to get this option?


Being able to open relative routes in a new tab or window is very high on the todo list for the direct router. I can’t promise it’ll come this side of Christmas, but if it doesn’t, it still shouldn’t be far away.

OK - Thanks! That is GREAT to hear, I figured that it must be something known. I am starting to get the hang of the direct routing and it is really interesting. I still struggle as I have leveraged the routing and navigation in V1 so heavily. I guess a mind shift.

Speaking of navigation, I have seen references in older posts to an au-nav element as well as some methods on the routers to add navigation arrays however, I don’t see it in the current router and I see no documentation in the current docs around these features. Is that no longer supported or was it a step back to make two steps forward and this feature is still TBD on the new path? Just trying to figure out how I can provide a known navigation such that the menus can be maintained in data rather than having to code all the links.