Discourse suggestions

I suggest adding a category for posts where people can showcase snippets of code, or entire components, that might be of interest to fellow Aurelia developers. Perhaps something like “Tips & Tricks”? The "Best practices category doesn’t quite seem to cover this.

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I’d like to see a category dedicated to Aurelia UI Components. Materialize Bridge, KendoUI Bridge, Aurelia UX, Ag-Grid Aurelia Plugin, etc.

We’re planning for something like that @swalters :+1:

Is this for general suggestions also? A Best Practices Topic for this Putting Aurelia on a diet comes to mind. A consolidated location to view minification techniques I guess. Even if it just duplicates the content found on GitHub. This seems like a better place for it to live.

Numerous bits of documentation located under “Cheatsheet” belong in their proper sections.

Here is an example of just one:

The following is found under Cheatsheet=>Templating View Resources but ought to be under Templating proper.

Contextual items available inside a repeat template:

$index - The index of the item in the array.
$first - True if the item is the first item in the array.
$last - True if the item is the last item in the array.
$even - True if the item has an even numbered index.
$odd - True if the item has an odd numbered index.

A Cheatsheet should provide coding examples, not document functionality.

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I notice that Binding=>Binding Bases=>Contextual Properties contains a list of the contextual items I gave in the example above, but it is a complete list, unlike the list given in the cheatsheet, which is incomplete.