Distributed computing webapp built with Aurelia

Hi guys. Just wanted to share a distributed computing application I have built with Aurelia.

Try it out: https://costas.azurewebsites.net

To read more about it, check the posts about the “Costas project” on my blog


First of all, thanks for sharing. It looks very slick and modern and will surely help some of us fight back the idea that Aurelia applications are ugly because there are no themes (?!)

OK, now to the main point.
I’m sure I don’t understand the complete infrastructure of your application, but does the “distributed” part has anything to do with your Aurelia app? Or does your backend just happen to work with a distributed system of workers?

Thanks. The distributed part has very much to do with the Aurelia app. No computation is performed in the backend, it is only responsible for handing out work units (or “walks”) to the Aurelia application (which is also multi-threaded with all computations being done using web workers, otherwise the UI would’nt be responsive at all). So everyone who starts the application is part of a distributed “multi-walk” search for Costas arrays. But there is much more detail on my blog that I mentioned earlier.