Environment variables

Hi, please help with what seems to be a bug. I am using Node v18.13.0 and aurelia-cli v3.0.1. Follow the steps to reproduce the problem:

  • Create app with au new (app name: my-app);
  • Select “Default ESNext App”;
  • In the file environment.production.json, add a comma after "testing": "false" and then the line "x": "y"
  • In the file main.js, at the bottom of configure function, add the line console.log('x:', environment.x);;
  • Build the app with npm run build;
  • Serve the app and open it on browser;
  • See at console: “x: undefined”.

What is going on?

Please help. Thank you.

AFAIK, the set of variables should be the same for all environments.