Error while working through contact manager tutorial with loading indicator

Hi there,

I have been working through the Contact Manager tutorial and it works up to when I try and add in a loading indicator.

When I try and run it I get this error message:
ERROR in ./src/resources/index.ts
Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘./elements/loading-indicator’ in ‘C:\AURELIA\SANDBOX\Contact-Manager-Project\contact-manager\src\resources’
@ ./src/resources/index.ts
@ ./src/main.ts
@ ./node_modules/aurelia-webpack-plugin/runtime/empty-entry.js
@ multi aurelia-webpack-plugin/runtime/empty-entry aurelia-webpack-plugin/runtime/pal-loader-entry webpack-dev-server/client aurelia-webpack-plugin/runtime/empty-entry aurelia-webpack-plugin/runtime/pal-loader-entry aurelia-bootstrapper

It cannot resolve ‘./elements/loading-indicator’ in C.

I tried removing the node modules directory as well as the package lock etc but it still does this. Any ideas?


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Removing package-lock and reinstalling dependencies only necessary when you have duplicate dependencies when adding new deps/updating them.

About the error, it’s weird that you got that error. Is there any chance that you named the file wrong?

probably… let me check…

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Dont think so… There appears to be no “elements” folder an


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yeah, you need to create loading-indicator.ts at folder elements inside resources :smiley:

Or you can change it to

import { PLATFORM } from 'aurelia-framework';

export function configure(config) {

My bad… I did go back and read that section but missed entirely the section asking me to create an elements folder… doh

…and thanks again… :smile:

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your welcome :smile: