How to declare global resources for Value Converter?

Unfortunately, the guide here: does not have example for it. This is my project structure:

I have tried (each with and without leading ./ ):


All causes error: Error: Unable to find module with ID: ./converters/DateOnly

How should the resource path be?

Solved, it’s:


It should be mentioned in the documentation. Nowhere in the above link and this say about wrapping it in PLATFORM.moduleName.

Probably because it’s only really required for webpack, at least that’s my understanding.

I see. Sorry I was mainly a back-end developer so I didn’t really understand about Webpack or Aurelia CLI. Probably should still mention that in the doc?

Yes, not sure if it is in the main docs or one of the docs for the webpack plugins

@datvm all documentation is generated from markdown files which are part of the respective repo.
So looking at your link you’ll see that its pointing to docs/binding which means it points to this MD file

If you struggled and think its a good opportunity to add some notes there, why not create a PR on said file so it gets into the docs once approved and rebuilt?

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Oh wonderful! I didn’t know that. Will do. I am kinda new though so not sure if it will be helpful.