Feedback on the new blog

Great job on the new blog! A couple of issues you may want to look into:

  1. Feedly, my news RSS aggregator, picked up the posts in their new location last night. Each post shows as a preview of the content and a link to the full article. The links are broken. For example:

  2. In Edge, clicking on the blog post links in the feed at do nothing. I had to switch to Chrome.

Thanks @jonathan.eckman! I see the issue in the RSS already. I’ll get that fixed today without fail. I’m not sure what would be going wrong with the link clicks on Edge. I’ll dig deeper into that.

Ok, just pushed a fix to the RSS that should show up in a few minutes. Will dig into the Edge issue later today. Again, thank you for this feedback and your patience!

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@jonathan.eckman When you click a link from the blog home page, do you see any console errors or add network traffic? Any indication of what might be going on there? From an HTML perspective, it’s just a normal a with an href. Nothing strange, so I’m not sure offhand what the issue might be. If you have any other information, please let me know. Thanks!

@EisenbergEffect I just tested it again and it works fine. Sometimes Edge will be working on navigating to the next page, but gives no indication to the user. I’m going to assume what I saw this morning was a long delay from a slow network and I just didn’t give it enough time.

Just reporting the visual effect of this blog: a lot nicer UX

@adriatic The nice thing about the site is that it’s all built with Aurelia’s progressive enhancement features :slight_smile:

@jonathan.eckman Thanks for the update. We may want to look at adding some sort of loading indicator to provide a better visual indication. It can take a moment some times depending on a number of factors.

Easy for you to “bask in the glory”, when we do not have the access to documentation (or people versed in) for such approach :smirk: . So, Ghost ought to do for AUCS website based blogs until the official site does not have all of the intrastructure to support community actions of the type we are trying to implement now