For anyone seeing problems with Bootstrap 5.0.1

This isn’t an aurelia problem, but as of this morning I suddenly started seeing `not loaded ‘define-properties’ errors in almada.js.

After hours of messing around the solution was:

yarn add array.prototype.filter@0.1.1
yarn add available-typed-arrays@1.0.2

There is also an issue on twbs about sass deprecation errors Sass: DEPRECATION WARNING: Using `/` for division is deprecated and will be removed in Dart Sass 2.0.0 · Issue #34051 · twbs/bootstrap · GitHub

The solution is to downgrade to sass 1.32.

However I’m using gulp-dart-sass - how can I avoid all the warning messages?

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It seems that the problem is with aurelia-cli and not bootstrap

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I will invest the issue. Probably need some deps upgrade for cli.

Pls create an issue on cli repo to track this, thx.

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I got those errors too and I downgraded to version 1.32 to fix my issues. However they released another yesterday (which I haven’t tried yet) that has the option to quiet the warnings, take a look at the new release

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