Get Aurelia Great (GAG - call for action)

We successfully integrated Aurelia with AdminLTE with relatively little pain. That’s one of those things I’d love to blog about but 1) I wasn’t sure if anyone would care, therefore 2) I haven’t made the time.

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I great example of immediate benefits from a structured discussion. Whether to call it a blog or tutorial makes a little difference, although I think that in the context of our new home (aurelia community space) the title tutorial is a better descriptor. It should appear in the category of “integrated with aurelia … / tutorials”.

The very first thing that I plan to add to our new site will be the supports for polls - the best method to discovers whether anyone would care.

Just thinking out loud, but I’d really like for any new documentation to be part of the One place for all teh things.

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I for one care a great deal. There are so many frameworks to choose from. The tipping points for me are longevity, documentation, real-world templates and samples, third-party commitment, active community, stability, performance, memory consumption and leaks, saturation. I have been burned by committing a large amount of resources into a full-stack framework (Lightswitch) and I don’t want to make that mistake again.

I have been putting off any front-end framework and will be concentrating my efforts on back-end Web API’s. But, eventually, I will be looking seriously into a framework.

Please blog about your Aurelia integration. I think the community would benefit tremendously.

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Syncfusion is a wonderful company. Offering a free community edition and publishing free ebooks. I wonder if they would be interested in building a SmartAdmin-ish template using their controls. The benefits could be huge for both Syncfusion and the community.

I’ll be interested to see to results of the upcoming internal poll.

Here is the last response from MyOrange concerning SmartAdmin:

You can contribute with any type of license, however, if you are thinking of posting the contributed code on a public git, I think you will need the Extended License. For a private git, you can use the single or multiple app license. Please find all info on license usage here:

@alexdresko I’d really interested in seeing how you managed to use AdminLTE with Aurelia. Did you build custom elements around it?

The hardest part with Aurelia is to find support in component or theme makers. I personally use kendo UI with the fantastic kendo UI bridge from the community.

We have built a few custom components around things like boxes, alerts, etc… but we’re not actually building components based directly on AdminLTE’s features. Our components are based on our own, more generic layout requirements. Technically, we could replace AdminLTE with something like SmartAdmin at the component level and our pages would automatically work (assuming there’s a corresponding SmartAdmin feature for all of the AdminLTE features we’re using).

I suppose it would be nice to have an entire set of AdminLTE specific components that we could then wrap with our own design language. Would be really easy to do, except it does take time to decide on a standard component architecture (components, attributes, slots, nested components, etc…) when you’re dealing with so many features/controls.

I feel like I’m hijacking this thread, @adriatic. Dunno what to do.

@alexdresko writes

Just thinking out loud, but I’d really like for any new documentation to be part of the One place for all teh things.

This is precisely the goal of this community group - properly translated in the future, to allow the Aurelia core team to absorb all of our (community group’s) contribution. At the moment, the core team (all of which are also fully employed elsewhere) do not have the time to document even the framework components they create, much less to supervize and manage the community created additions.

To summarize: all of our community contributions will be hosted in a parallel site to aurelia, using the nearly identical technology (markdown documents) leaving the community editorial board the schedule for adding these contributions to the main site. Imagine this as a GitHub “pull requests” exercised in the context of the aurelia website that has no support for pull requests.

@enrico-padovani says

I personally use kendo UI with the fantastic kendo UI bridge from the community.

Just in the unlikely case that you are not aware of it - the bridge you like took more than 2 man years to do (I am a part of the Aurelia-UI-Toolkits community team). The current action I am proposing (Aurelia Community documentation effort) is a lot less tasking work as it is nearly impossible to find a community member that is able to embark on the bridge-size effort)

SmartAdmin component is a licensed product (wrapbootstrap), meaning that creating an Aurelia “port” is not a good move as it does not fit in the open source philosophy. The similarly analogous Aurelia KendoUI bridge is created after we established a very good relationship with Telerik where they show this bridge on their site - however, anyone who wants to use this bridge needs to have the Telerik license first.

We could make a similar deal with wrapbootstrap once we establish sufficient amount of interest within Aurelia community.

@Adriatic. from my last response from MyOrange (see here) we would be able to publish our version on a public git using their extended license (there would be a one-time fee of $1000).

One of the things I like about Syncfusion is that all of their products are free for companies under 1 million dollars in annual revenue. I think this would apply to many hobbyist and small businesses. I do not believe Telerik offers this free version.

@dave: The problem with wrapbootstrap extended license is deciding who shells the $1000 and how will that be recouped later. By contributing all my time to Aurelia (yes, I intentionally stopped “making money” to be able to completely focus on Aurelia), I have already spent tons of money (virtual money though in my case), so I am very sensitive not to mix licensed software with open source software. While KendoUI Bridge is a notable difference, this was done at early Aurelia days, when having a solid UI toolkit was critically important to sustain Aurelia existence.

Today, I am finding the lack of documentation a lot more critical problem than not having any specific toolkit integrated with Aurelia (just one man’s opinion, to soon be verified by running polls)

Thank you @Adriatic for all the work you have done. I agree that we need better documentation in addition to tutorials, blog posts, and videos (Pluralsight). Third-party, non open source, vendors are problematic and perhaps should not be part of this discussion even though I believe they can play an important part. Especially Syncfusion because of it’s free community edition.

I look forward to the polls and thank you again for spearheading this.

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Another way to support the community is answering questions on StackOverflow, Quora and voting on

If you haven’t been to Slant, check it out: search for Aurelia then vote for it in the various topics.

@djensen47: allow me to make the following comment:

Rather than searching for any and all means the Aurelia community can help ensuring that Aurelia framework gets the recognition we all believe it deserves, I am proposing a very specific action: (quote from above)

So, this time I want to try again to search for a group of people that are interested in helping to create the next outer concentric circle around the Aurelia Core - mostly by creating Aurelia Documentation and Samples from the view point of an application developer - hopefully resulting with the documentation that fits the Aurelia framework users (as different from Aurelia framework developers).

After spending nearly two years trying to rallly community members to contribute in several more ambitious projects getting “sorry, I do not have time right now”, this time I picked this specific project which demands less time and will help more than any other. I am trying this despite the friendly warning I got from @EisenbergEffect:

It’s genuinely difficult to motivate most people to work on something like this in their spare time for no money. We’ll see how people respond to the post. Thanks for all your efforts! Happy New Year!

I found CoreUI good. They provide an Aurelia example in their github repo. And I even got that to work with Monterey using the github option where you specify the github url and folder. Then it was very easy to get aurelia-table working, which I had to load as au-table because it is using Webpack. Oh, and the hot reloading with Webpack works brilliantly! And I am still a newbie to Aurelia and javascript.

You mention above “My first two posts discuss managing JWT …” where are this posts?

@khuzema Coming this month. Stay tuned.

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I’ve been using Aurelia myself since the early alpha builds from building small apps, larger apps, PWA apps, and I must say I never looked back. Still, a lot of people asks me why I didn’t go with Angular (for obviously, all the classic wrong reasons like, its backed by Google, the community is bigger, Aurelia will fail just like Durandal did, and whatsoever… I heard them all) and what I mostly told them is that we made a choice, of simplicity and effectiveness.

I’ve started a blog myself a few weeks ago where I want to post about Aurelia, more likely on issues I encountered and their solutions, so people getting the same things as I can find a solution faster then I did. I have few post ideas in the backburner, I just need to take some time to write them down in articles and publish it.

I think this effort here is a good initiative in making the framework more known and more accessible.

Aurelia will always be my framework of choice, even if I might be dragged into Angular by some business/client decisions, all again for the wrong reasons enumerated above. It’s hard to convince a client to go with Aurelia when they want Angular, even if you can show them the benefits… But hey, that’s another issue here.

Ping me on gitter if you want.

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