Aurelia-Toolbelt Demo Released

Hello everyone, I am delighted to say that you can find our first demo-doc of aurelia-toolbelt in here.

It is worth to notice that, all the components are almost operational; however, the documentation for what we have said before:

full documentation will be also provided for every part

is still in progress. so if you see only eyesore demos for some components, please do not get disappointed, we have promised and we are the man of our words. My guess is about a fortnight or so to complete all the parts.

We will release a beta.1 version on npm as soon as we completed the whole documentation for bootstrap compatible components, bootstrap and third-party components on top of bootstrap, and after that, we will focus on other components and services such as ToastR, or jquery block UI and so.

We will upload a road-map of what we decided to do to have your opinions on that either.

You can tell us about your suggestions and recommendations on Github, Twitter or here.

Many thanks to Aurelia team to provide us with such a great framework.

Best Regards,


I hope the Aurelia community will help us to make aurelia-toolbelt better.

We kindly ask you to give us your feedback on the various fields and requirements.

We will release our roadmap soon.

You can follow the news via the official Twitter account at @aureliatoolbelt

Long Live Aurelia :grin:

@shahabganji , @HamedFathi

Since you stated interest in working with AUCS team on creation of great documentation, should I assume that you now want to do that outside our project, ourselves? All of your plans stated **above fit perfectly into the process and “workflow” that I will soon publish (here is a preview):

Other than my belief that there ought to be a single source of all technical documents that are not written by the core team, I have no desire to “reel you in” by leaning on you; I have a feeling that you prefer to be a separate team.

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@shahabganji @HamedFathi Your product looks great. I will give it a spin asa I can/asa the documentation can help me as am no expert (yet). Thanks for the work.
Quick question: does this work on mobile too (for example like quasar).

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Thanks :wink:

Honestly, we did not completely check the mobile compatibility but I think that since we’ve been working on Bootstrap 4 and that it is also compatible with mobile (mobile-first), the answer to your question is yes.

We checked components on iOS and Android browsers, it looks good but about Cordova, Native script and Electron we did not yet.

Of course, we promise to do our best to compatible with different environments, but we need more time to do this unless the Aurelia community will help us on this path

Bootstrap Browsers and devices

Bootstrap 4: Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world’s most popular front-end component library.


I guess that nobody is a separate team here, and nobody can progress by being alone, besides the purpose of whole discourse was to gather together all community members. Some has contributed to the toolbelt already, and I personally highly appreciate them since I learnt much stuff around Aurelia by their contribution.


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@shahabganji I believe that we have a misunderstanding at hand as we are discussing two different scopes: while it is obvious that we are all together as members of Aurelia Community, not all Aurelia Community members volunteered to participate in the AUCS project, which has a very specific program - writing Aurelia documentation.