How to bind dates

I have a typescript class where one attribute is of type “date”. Now I’m searching for a clean solution to bind the date.

export class MyTestClass{
    @bindable mydate: Date;

Following the template:

    <input type="text" value.bind="mydate | dateFormat: 'YYYY.Q' />

Referring to the example, the "${typeof(mydate)} always displays “string”. Is there any clever trick to bind that attribute so that the class directly converts the string to “Date” or do I need to do that in seperated steps?

Currently I need to parse all date-Attributes before saving:

this.MyTestClass.mydate = moment(this.MyTestClass.mydate).toDate();

You can use
It has a custom observable decorator which does automatic conversion.
Be careful with it though as two-way binding and update on change will not work correctly. You will need to use update on blur.

Or keep doing what you are currently…


Try AU+ or just steal the code.

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@davismj I think you need to extend that into two-way value converter to meet @SNO’s need.

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I guess this doesn’t solve the issue. I already have the following value-converter:

export class DateFormatValueConverter {
  toView(value, format) {
    var formatted: string;
    if (value == "" || value == undefined) {
      return value;

    formatted = moment(value, ["YYYY.Q", "MM.DD.YYYY", "YYYY.MM.DD", "YYYY.MM", "YYYY.M", "YYYYM"]).format(format);
    if (formatted == "Invalid date") formatted = value;
    return formatted;

But all the value-converter does is to format the value to a date string. Adding following snippet it does the same:

if (!(value instanceof Date)) {
      value = new Date(value);
 return date.toLocaleDateString();

The binded attribute type is still “string” instead of date. Or am I doing something wrong here?

Ah, I see. As CP said, you’ll need a fromView(dateString, format) function on the value converter class that converts it back to a Date.

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Your from view would be pretty simple I’d think.

const formats = ["YYYY.Q", "MM.DD.YYYY", "YYYY.MM.DD", "YYYY.MM", "YYYY.M", "YYYYM"];

export class DateFormatValueConverter {

    toView(value, format) {
        // [ ... stuff and things ... ]

    fromView(value, format) {
        return moment(value, formats).toDate();