How to Create a Plugin


What are the steps required to make a custom element into a plugin so that it can be used in multiple apps? The custom element is already developed and tested within a test app. I just want to make it into a plugin to use in various apps.



This topic should get you started Aurelia library template. I’ve used @dwaynecharrington’s sample for several Plugins including Aurelia Store, so I can definitely recommend it.

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A quick answer is to export a configure function that globalizes the resources, and then set your package.json main property to the source with the configure function.

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Would be great to see a “Build Your Own” walkthrough in the Guides under the Plugins section.



I just went through this/ Why the site isnn’t the go to place for all knowledge is just mind boggling to me.



Small community means not enough resource on doc writing :slight_smile:

Everyone has a day job, including @EisenbergEffect… That tells you sadly how tight the resource is.

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But people are writing some docs/examples, just make it so this is the go to place instead of a separate github repo



A lot of those articles and samples were written before there was a place to put them, like Discourse. Open source is all volunteer so let’s not be too critical. Aurelia has come a long way and is really awesome in so many ways. I appreciate everything the team has done so far and am excited to see what is coming. I’m sure friendly suggestions are always welcomed by the team, though.



Plugin development now has a workflow aided by the CLI. Check out the documentation here:

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