If we make a new element should we make it a plugin?

Hey guys,
So there are things under “src/resources” (such as converters) and I built my own new complex UI/UX element and I wanted to know if we should paste it somewhere like a codepen, codesandbox, or some “Aurelia Snippets” page… Blog about it to Medium? Or publish a plugin for it??

What is the procedure for sharing ONE element or converter or whatever? Is there a page we can just add such sample code?

Reminds me of Python Flask Snippets page… Flask was a popular microframework and plugins/extensions were easy to add and there was also a “Flask Snippets” page, with snippets of code that is reusable.


I think the way to go is to create a Plugin and post about it here in discourse. Perhaps a good moment to test the new Aurelia CLI plugin scaffold. Additionally register it at builtwithaurelia.com for even more visibility. A life-sample or even a simple Codesandbox is always helpful. So i’d link that from your plugins README.

Looking forward to seeing your work


I think sharing the experience as a plugin is one thing; another more important step, in my opinion, is to star these plugins on GitHub, and talk about them on other social networks, by writing blog posts or articles on medium for instance or just mentioning them via twitter, I knew a bunch of great Aurelia plugins which I am dead sure they could be fruitful in almost all projects but they are unknown on all social media and even have less than 10 stars on GitHub while the active community of Aurelia is way larger than this number.


Great stuff. I had no idea about builtwithaurelia, and hadn’t looked at aurelia-cli updates in a while. We need a list “things that are happening” somewhere that’s short that people can periodically check if they’re not reading discourse always.

Yeah social networks are good. Could have bots like “Aurelia Plugin” account that posts new plugins posted to Aurelia.io or builtwithaurelia.com or something. Or things tagged in codesandbox or github.


One more thing to use is awesome-Aurelia on github.

I feel like these links should be on this website somewhere too.


If you subscribe to the official Newsletter and periodically check the official Blog, you should get pretty much all changes happening

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And also AureliaWeekly