HttpClient and @aurelia/fetch-client

I’m using @aurelia/fetch-client, and it’s working fine for fetching. I assume this is the replacement for aurelia-fetch-client/aurelia-http-client, and includes HttpClient.

If that’s so, HttpClient v1 used to have methods for file upload progress: withProgressCallback():


It looks like that’s removed from @aurelia/fetch-client. How do I get that functionality back? There is practically no documentation for the API regarding this class, and the guide is still referencing the old libraries.

This looks like a very nice alternative.

with XMLHttpRequest you got the native upload method + progress event, whereas fetch does not have that support. sadly nothing changed here since 2016

edit: an article by @dwaynecharrington showing that also the most promising movements didnt really succeed File Upload Progress With The Fetch API Is Coming - I Like Kill Nerds as there is still no progress