I created a Material Web Components skeleton for Aurelia 2


Material Web Components 3 have been released last week (Release v1.0.0-pre.1 · material-components/material-web · GitHub)

I created a minimalistic example in Aurelia 2: GitHub - mreiche/mdc-web-aurelia2

What’s missing:

  • There is no documentation for the components yet
  • Missing components (like Top-App-Bar, Card etc)
  • Two-Way-Binding is not working because of Trying to set value for property value in dirty checker(don’t know if this is an Aurelia bug or missuse)

Feel free to contribute.


Binding adapter is missing. Should be in the docs

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Hi Maxim. Could you explain a little bit more for me? Where to fix, and which docs do you mean?

Same will apply to mwc

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Hi Maxim.

Sorry, but I still don’t get it. The referenced article describes how to bind default properties and their directions. But how does this help, when

<md-filled-text-field label="Label text" value.two-way="message"></md-filled-text-field>

Crashes with

Trying to set value for property value in dirty checker
  1. value is the right property to use here.
  2. from-view and to-view are working, but not bind nor two-way.

You need to teach aurelia that on change event it should update bindings to value property. That article shows how to do that for fast wc but same applies to mwc


Got it now. Fixed and works.

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