I'm interested in using Aurelia with SASS

What is the best method of using this with scss?

Have you tried to use the Aurelia CLI then choose SASS on the question of which styling to use? I use SASS (.scss) with Aurelia and WebPack without any issues.

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Right. :slight_smile: But perhaps it may not be clear that you first have to choose “Custom Project”. Then you get a lot of additional options, including one for the CSS preprocessor to use: none, LESS, SASS or Stylus.

In my case, I had to add SASS support afterwards to my project. For that, I created two new project skeletons: a default one (without CSS preprocessing) and one with SASS for CSS preprocessing. Using my favorite compare tool on the two generated webpack.config.js files, I knew exactly how to manually patch my project’s webpack.config.js file (and the packages.json file for the additional SASS-related dependencies).

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I wrote two posts about Aurelia and SASS a few years ago, they might be of use?
See https://mobilemancer.com/2016/10/19/aurelia-spa-typescript-dotnet-core/
and https://mobilemancer.com/2016/11/25/how-to-style-an-aurelia-spa-with-sass/

If you get any questions please feel free to ask :slight_smile: