Aurelia SCSS Support

Is there any way to use SCSS with Aurelia and webpack? I found some github threads but they all seem to end in “oh ya, I couldn’t get that to work either.”


npx makes aurelia-mdc-web has got a working config

No idea where you got the issue.
Both Aurelia 1 and Aurelia 2 official skeletons provided SCSS option for long long time.

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I “got” the issue from not being able to find any documentation on CLI commands. The closest article I came across is this: How to approach loading of .scss files · Issue #14 · aurelia/webpack-plugin · GitHub. Seems like there is a lot of manual work to get webpack configured correctly.

Might you have a link to the proper documentation that I should be using? I have search and and not found what I am looking for.

Sorry to hear that the cli confused you.
Assuming you are using current Aurelia 1, not Aurelia 2 alpha, the doc about creating new project is here: Basics | Aurelia

When you use “au new” or “npx makes aurelia/v1” to create new project, don’t pick any “default” in first selection, pick “custom”. Then you will be asked by a sequence of questions about various options. One of the questions will be less/sass/stylus, pick sass, then the generated webpack config will handle scss files properly.

Once a project was created, it will require manual configuration if you need to change some options. So it would be easier if you pick the right options when creating a new project.

Let’s know if you have any other difficulties. Good luck!