Is blur.trigger avoidable?


I am using a simple Select to define some settings for my webpage, but i have some methods that i trigger with blur.trigger, and it is of vital importance for the data to be correct, so my question is:
“Is Blur.trigger impossible to avoid, or if i should implement further security.”

Code piece for context

<select  id="art"  value.bind="gl.Art" class="form-control" style="display: none"
         <option value="" selected>${'VaelgEmballagetype')}</option>
         <option repeat.for="emballagetype of emballagetyper"

What are you trying to do when the select is blurred? If you just want to get its latest value, then it’s already delivered in change event. If you wanna do something else via blur event, then it’s pretty inevitable, or at least it seems so to me