Is CLI 2.0 for Aurelia 2 or Aurelia 1?

I’m noticing that the CLI has a more recent version than what I’m using. I was going to upgrade but began to wonder if the 2.0.x version of the CLI was for installing Aurelia 2 or if it still installs Aurelia 1.

Also, what exactly does selecting the .NetCore option of the CLI do that the simple Web option does not? Is it simply adding code to the Startup.cs file to add SPA functionality or does it do more than that?


The Aurelia cli 2.0.x will create an Aurelia V1 app. The way to create V2 app is using npx makes aurelia
I don’t know what the .Net Core option does I have never used it personally.

It’s also possible to create new v2 apps with npx au2 new (or just au2 new if you’ve installed it).

As @lancelot316 noted, the latest aurelia-cli v2 is for Aurelia 1. Note latest aurelia-cli also uses makes for Aurelia 1 skeleton. When you do au new, it calls npx makes aurelia/v1 to boot up the scaffolding process. The aurelia/v1 means GitHub repo GitHub - aurelia/v1: The Aurelia 1 scaffolding repo used by our tools to setup new projects.

The decoupling of aurelia-cli repo and Aurelia 1 skeleton repo, means we can keep updating the skeleton repo without the need of constantly releasing new version of aurelia-cli.

The Aurelia 2 scaffolding command npx makes aurelia is a conventional shortcut to npx makes aurelia/new, the aurelia/new means GitHub repo GitHub - aurelia/new: The Aurelia 2 scaffolding repo used by our tools to setup new projects.

@jwx’s npx au2 new also uses npx makes aurelia internally.