Angular vs Aurelia: Who Wins?

Angular vs Aurelia

We just posted a new article comparing the two frameworks. We focused more on the business reasons why. Let me know what you guys think.

We are huge fans of Aurelia and we are sponsors.



Noticed you put wrong " Angular Marketing Share April 2020" data, it is a copy of the above Aurelia data.


I updated the article image. Thanks for the catch.

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Something to note in the future section near the end. The new makes tool for au2 is still a custom tool akin to aurelia-cli. Also you can run aurelia-cli with npx rather than installing it globally, but it will still be installed locally within the project.

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Note without global installation, npx aurelia-cli new is very very slow because of runtime deps and build process.

In contrast, npx makes ... is designed to boot up really fast.

“makes” is not a custom tool for aurelia. It’s a generic tool, as a simple alternative of yeoman (I tried to use yeoman but gave up in just 5 mins into the doc). It got its own github org, decoupled from aurelia.

It is not just designed to scaffold projects for public, you can use it to scaffold your personal staff too, you can provide your own skeleton even through a private git repo or a local folder.


Good article, but PLEASE FIX THIS Microsoft just published there careers site using Aurelia!

It’s “their”

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Typing to fast. Thanks for the catch. Fixed.

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You must still be typing TOO fast.

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Yes, didn’t mean it was specific for Aurelia just that it isn’t a generic npm feature like the article makes it seem.

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Good point, yes, the name “makes” was picked to let the command read like English “npx makes bla”. It was not my first pick, but the only name left on npm registry. “creates”, “new”… are not available.

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My two cents on Angular vs Aurelia.
Another Aurelia advantage is the ease of integration with 3rd party plugins and wrapping vanilla or Aurelia elements.

As a POC I’ve started developing our next cloud solution with Angular. While CLI solves most of the “configuration over convention” hurdles the pain is definitely there while integrating or just wrapping elements. So, the POC is going to the bin now. Back to Aurelia :slight_smile: