Jobs category here?

Maybe it’s out of scope but it might be nice to have a jobs board as one of the categories here. Something where folks can post open positions looking for people or for folks to post if they’re looking for new work or freelance work.

Just a thought. Thanks.

(BTW, thee appropriate title for this post was “Jobs category?” without a bunch of spaces but that was 1 character short so I had to artificially make it longer, which is silly IMO).


Hi @djensen47! If you’re a contractor/freelancer in the US you might want to check out iSoPro ( It’s an app that we build using Aurelia. It’s got, among many things, contract postings

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There are plenty of developers who :heart: Aurelia but don’t get to use it as much as they’d like because of shortsighted employers or whatever… It would be nice to have a place where we could post Aurelia specific opportunities.

I was pondering the purchase of and pointing it to a Github backed static site so anybody can create a PR to add and remove job postings. The main downside to this is that job postings would live forever in the git history which is not ideal.

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I think even a new category “Job Post” for discourse is good enough.

The sad truth is there aren’t many employers looking for Aurelia devs.

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My company is, so having the Job Board would make sense

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