Kendoui bridge <ak-template> <div> vs <span>

When I replace:

    <span class="logrow">log : ${logMsg}</span>


    <div class="logrow">log : ${logMsg}</div>

listview no longer displays the correct list. It just displays one item and you cannot access the dataContext through ${SomeProperty}.

I was wondering if someone could explain to me why this is? All the documentation uses <div> but that does not work for me. I have been doing html for maybe 5 days, but I have a vague idea of how it works. Just not the details such as the exact difference between a <div>and <span> or why one would work but the other not.

Maybe you are missing some markup somewhere else? They look like they should just work to me, I’m not using the bridge though.

My setup is Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaServices.Webpack, webpack, ts-loader, aurelia-kendoui-bridge and kendo-ui-core in visual studio with the aspnet.core project created by Aurelia-cli. Everything works perfectly, but just not this last critical part.

I will continue using <span> but I have no idea what the consequences of this is.

Turns out you have to have at least one top level <div>.

Therefor ak-list-view has to be inside a <div>.

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Glad you found a solution @ph4ntom! Would be great if you could include a small snippet to demonstrate how you’re using the Kendoui bridge list view component in case anyone else runs across this problem :nerd_face: