Learn Aurelia Site - link updates

Hi there,

I would like to reach someone who is maintaining the “Learn Aurelia” pages, particularly the links to courses and videos https://aurelia.io/learn#videos.

One of my courses is listed there - Waterford Institute of Technology Computer Science Diploma Curriculum- but the version listed is quite old. This is a more recent version: https://tutors.design/course/wit-hdip-comp-sci-2018.github.io/ent-web/

Also, it is presented by an Aurelia app - rather than a static site.

Thanks in advance


Hello @edel020 ! We’ll get the link updated this week. Thanks for putting this great content together and sharing it with the community. Very cool to hear that the site itself is built with Aurelia!


Hello Eamonn,

your voiceover is very pleasant. I´m looking forward to watch the Hapi-course.

Thanks for sharing

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Thanks Aflhi - glad you find it useful.

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