Mdbootstrap with Aurelia

Dear all, whenever I see the Angular boilerplate code, I refuse to use it. But after one more day of trying to get mdbootstrap to work with Aurelia, I am in need for your help. Why is it so difficult to embed such basic tools? Maybe I am not enough into web dev, yes, but whatever I try (Webpack, not Webpack), I just stumble from one error to the next. I am sure some of you got mdbootstrap to run with Aurelia - does anyone want to share what needs to be done? Thank you very much!

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You are fine, and you don’t need to be really into web dev to do super fine with it :hugs:

For your issue, can you help paste some simple entry code, and the error that you got? is a great resource for doing code samples. It has an easy setup and start point for Aurelia and other frameworks.

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If you want to start with a Aurelia and Material Design you also look at de Material Design components from Google itself.
I have made some wrappers for Aurelia. Look at it