Minor Aurelia CLI suggestions

Hello, very new to Aurelia, so please bear with me.

  1. It’d be nice if the parsing of the aurelia.json file in project.js (line 14) could strip out comments within the JSON before parsing. Mostly, as it would allow comments in the json file.

  2. Any chance I could specify where to find the aurelia.json file? I realize the CLI is very tightly coupled to the /Aurelia_project/ folder, but I would like to keep this configuration file located with all the other configuration files.

  3. It’d be nice if I could rename the “Aurelia_project” folder, too.


Hi @eric-914

I suggest that you create an “issue” (containing your text above) in Aurelia CLI collection of ideas, problem reports, etc. This will ensure quicker response from the proper authority (a member of Aurelia core team).

Thanks, I figured there was proper etiquette for submitting ideas, but obviously I didn’t know it. Will do!