Module '"@aurelia/runtime-html"' has no exported member 'LifecycleFlags'

I am following this guide: and associated repo Au2 synthetic view - StackBlitz, and I am using aurelia 2.0.0-beta.8. When I import LifecycleFlags like

import {
} from '@aurelia/runtime-html';

I get this error:

Module '"@aurelia/runtime-html"' has no exported member 'LifecycleFlags'.

I also tried importing from ‘aurelia’, and other ‘@aurelia/’ packages. I searched for LifecycleFlags in 2.0.0-beta.8 package folders and the only mentions of it were in changelog saying either it was moved to runtime-html, pass LifecycleFlags through all regular lifecycle methods, or rename BindingFlags to LifecycleFlags.

Any advice? Thanks

The LifecycleFlags are removed. Hence, the examples should work even without it. The docs are slightly outdated (feel free to submit a PR to update the docs:)).

OK, thanks! Will try to make pr this weekend

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