[new release] Au v2 beta 17

Happy coding folks! Beta 17 has arrived! https://github.com/aurelia/aurelia/releases/tag/v2.0.0-beta.17
Please give it a try and help report any issues you run into either via the repo issues or discord chat here

Changelog summary:

What’s Changed


  • template: auto infer binding expression when empty by @bigopon in feat(template): auto infer binding expression when empty by bigopon · Pull Request #1963 · aurelia/aurelia · GitHub

    Previously only the expression of binding to element bindables get auto inferred, now it’s expanded to all bindings
    with .bind/.to-view/.from-view/.two-way/.one-time

    <div some-prop.bind=""> means <div some-prop.bind="someProp">
    <div some-prop.bind> means <div some-prop.bind="someProp">
    <div some-prop.one-time> means <div some-prop.one-time="someProp">
  • convention: rewrite runtime-html decorators by @Sayan751 in feat(convention): rewrite runtime-html decorators by Sayan751 · Pull Request #1960 · aurelia/aurelia · GitHub

    With tooling in the instable state for the tc39 decorator support, we will generate standard fn call code instead of decorator.
    This will likely be changed when browsers start officially supporting it, or at least when the tooling (both spec & tooling stability + compat) gets better

    If you are using convention plugin in an existing app, to migrate, update the resource.d.ts declaration like the following for *.html:

    declare module '*.html' {
      import { IContainer, PartialBindableDefinition } from 'aurelia';
      export const name: string;
      export const template: string;
      export default template;
      export const dependencies: string[];
      export const containerless: boolean | undefined;
      export const bindables: (
        | string
        | (PartialBindableDefinition & { name: string })
      export const shadowOptions: { mode: 'open' | 'closed' } | undefined;
      export function register(container: IContainer): void;
    // ... other declaration like css etc..


Bug fixes:


Full Changelog: Comparing v2.0.0-beta.16...v2.0.0-beta.17 · aurelia/aurelia · GitHub


Congrats on the new release. Got one question, regarding production.

Can you give an estimate of when AU2 will be production-ready? I want to create a UI builder in Aurelia, but not sure when AU2 will be ready for production. This will be a visual website builder, so I don’t want any major issues preventing me from releasing it. I’m planning on starting work early next year.


We’ll likely be in RC stream after only few more betas maximum (I hope), there’s nothing blocking us anymore, and the new generated code for decorator seems to be doing fine.

For your business, I don’t think it’ll be greatly be affected by even beta version, we are actually quite stable now.


Okay, thanks bigopon. Just wanted to confirm that its ok to use AU2 in production.

Keep doing the great work!

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great news. thanks @bigopon for all of your work.
it’s very nice to see that V2 is back on track…

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