Moment in typescript

Hi all,

where could i find a good documentations about “moment” or “date” ??!
It’s really complex to understand how works this class…

Today is month October( month n° 10) and when i write
“moment().month()” return 9.
“moment().months()” return 9;
“moment().utc).month()” return 9;
“moment().local().month()” return 9;

but if i write in console “moment” it has the value 10 .

anyone know?!

new Date().getMonth() // 9 (index-0)
moment().format(‘M’) // 10 (month as digit)

if you are in a position to choose the library, i would recommend against a mutable API like moment.

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I recommend luxon:


  • DateTime, Duration, and Interval types.
  • Immutable, chainable, unambiguous API.
  • Parsing and formatting for common and custom formats.
  • Native time zone and Intl support (no locale or tz files).

Thank you to help me.

Meanwhile i tryed to study moment etc and i create this “date-helper”… and seems working…

Do you suggest anyway to use luxon ?
I think that moment functions can be comprehensive… or no?

Luxon is much smaller and simpler because it relies on newer browser API’s for i18n and timezones. Check out the support matrix.

If you need to support i18n and timezones in older browsers you’ll need to use moment + plugins and the whole lot can be quite large.

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After hours spent on “try” to understand how to work with moment / date of typescript i try this Luxon. It seems workable but how can i get a Luxon DateTime from European Timezone date?

With LUXON i’m not able to return to localtime from UTC.

anyone know?

Try e.g. DateTime.local().setZone(‘Europe/Paris’);

Nothing. always utc date

UTCDate.toLocal().plus({ minutes: UTCDate.offset }).toFormat(“dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm”));

this is the answer! but it can be possible to write this entire line to have the local time from utc…

if you have a utc date you can just add Z to the end and it will convert local for you

let localTime = new Date(utcDate + “Z”);