Multilevel Datatable with responsiveness

Hey Team,

Has anyone done this before or is this possible to do in Aurelia? We are looking to achieve multi-level DataTable and that needs to be responsive as well. Seems very difficult but is it even possible? Please provide some pointers.

Thank you so much in advance1

like this ?


Hello, I followed the link to your demo and right away noticed that when scrolling down all the page scrolls down, is there something to do about that?
I’m using my phone

Tested a little just now
I would need to supply a options to disable passive events and if that options is enabled I would preventDefault() on mousewheel and touchmove.
But isnt the grid a bit overkill for a phone ?
Pad could work.
Alternative would be to keep everything within the frame I guess

@jpsala updated grid with new option, v-skip-passive
Also updated demo with this enabled, try it out, just make sure it showing v 1.1.0 at the top, else you need to reload/clear cache.


hehe, your are so kind, thanks!!!

How did it go, was the grid useable for what you needed ?
Might not be the best widget for everything :slight_smile:

Hello Vegar, I didin’t use it yet, but I will and I will let you know, thanks a lot!