Syncfusion Pure javascript

I’ve been working with the native Syncfusion controls for a few months now. My team was previously using Kendo UI. I have been pretty vocal to Telerik about their decision to not support pure native controls at a minimum (I don’t care about the Aurelia bridge, while nice, it’s not needed). I finally convinced my company to leave Telerik. We pay for licenses, so they lost us as a paying customer. I have 2 components left to convert to syncfusion native and one that they currently don’t fully support as native but I couldn’t be happier right now. I don’t really care that there is no “bridge” for aurelia. I like that they produce native controls first then wrap for the other frameworks. If Telerik did this, I’d probably have supported them.

Even though I say I don’t care about a bridge, I have been considering rolling my own which I think may not be too difficult. I wrapped one component internally in my project and I may look at doing a proper bridge. I’m not sure if anyone is interested in this, it would be full open source.


I think for components such as tree’s or datagrids, where you’d want to control the template for each row/node, it would be helpful to have aurelia bindings which automatically make use of slots or the likes and translate that over to syncfusions configuration.

But in general, I do agree that I like vanilla components, not tied to any framework. Not even Aurelia. It’s just that those things typically are made with good solid basics and are nicely reusable across the whole landscape. Let’s hope there’s a webcomponents suite sooner or later that would even up the game further.