Multiple PLATFORM queueTask timing problem


I am using queueTasks insteam of setInterval in various parts of my app.

In one case, I want to update the time display every minute. I want to fetch data from an API every 1.5 seconds, then I need a typewritter effect that types a new letter every 300ms.

        this.fetchTask = PLATFORM.taskQueue.queueTask(() => {
        }, {delay: 1500, persistent: true})

It looks like the timing of one task is influencing others. My typewritter effect only typing at 1 character per minute!

Is this a bug, or an I using this wrong?

Sounds like the tab may be inactive, 1 per minute is what the browser throttles setInterval to when the tab is in the background or put to sleep

No, if I change all the values to 300ms then everything works at 300ms. My Typewritter effect is good, but then I am calling an API needlessly 3 times per second and will probably get into trouble with the maintainer of the server once people start using the page.

Could you create a GH issue with a minimal repro please?

I created an issue on GH and a repro