NEW Aurelia 2 Animation Docs

Hello, Aurelians. Long time, no speak.

Today, I am sharing a v1 of our new animation docs. Some of you might know that animation has been missing from the Aurelia 2 docs. This section details how to work with CSS animations, use interpolation to animate values in views and work with animation libraries like Anime.js to animate in code.

Experienced developers, you might already know how to do much of this stuff. If not, it’s in a convenient section in the official docs.

Additional work on the animations section is planned. But, for now, it’s a good start and fills a hole in the docs. One thing this section does not cover is router-based animation (page transitions and so forth). However, those are planned and will be added to the router section.

Let me know if there are things you want to be covered in this section or have feedback to make this section better.

Here is a link to the animation docs: Animation - The Aurelia Docs


Thank you @dwaynecharrington, very nice examples.

Looking forward to route transitions’ animations :slight_smile:


Wow the documentation is beautiful, clean, stellar animation features, especially Reactive Animations are eye-catching.

Yes route transition animations in the future sounds great. Also loving the StackBlitz demos. Great job.