Announcing the documentation for the @aurelia/router-lite

Hi Folks!

As many of you already noticed, there is a @aurelia/router-lite in Aurelia 2. And many of you already tried using the router-lite as well, despite the absence of documentation. Thank you for that!

However, the lack of documentation for the router-lite is now corrected. And the brand-new documentation for router-lite is now available on the docs site: Getting started - The Aurelia 2 Docs.

The documentation is accompanied by many live examples. If you are wearing your explorer hat, then feel free to browse the collection.

We hope that the documentation make using router-lite easier. In case you note mistakes in the docs, feel free to create a PR. We will be happy for that. For further issues, you know how to reach us.

Have fun with @aurelia/router-lite! Cheers! :v: