Noob: no lifecycle events firing

Started a new project with

npx makes aurelia test -s webpack,typescript,app-with-router

To learn about lifecycles, I add to each *.ts file in src/ (inside class):

constructor() {
       console.log('<class> constructor');
afterBind() {
       console.log('<class> afterBind');
afterAttach() {
       console.log('<class> afterAttach');

When I test using npm start, only the constructor logs show up. Why am I not getting the lifecycle events?

npx --version:


afterBind has been changed to bound
afterAttach has been changed to attached

Can you try again?

Also, where did you read the documentation related to these lifecycle names?


That worked–thanks!

Where should I find this info?


For lifecycles, you can find the information here Components Lifecycles - The Aurelia Docs

I guess @HamedFathi been busy with updating the migration doc


@wayne My Aurelia docs was a test just for API part.

Ignore it. As @bigopon mentioned the official doc available under URL.

About side-by-side comparison (v1 vs v2) you can follow Components - The Aurelia Docs too.

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I wanted to mention that I stumbled upon the same issue as @wayne. When I google ‘aurelia 1 to 2’:

And if I opened the first link then a Gitbook site opens up that has out of date info about the migration process and lifecycle events. It might be a good idea to get it up to date or remove it to avoid some confusion?