Noob: no lifecycle events firing

Started a new project with

npx makes aurelia test -s webpack,typescript,app-with-router

To learn about lifecycles, I add to each *.ts file in src/ (inside class):

constructor() {
       console.log('<class> constructor');
afterBind() {
       console.log('<class> afterBind');
afterAttach() {
       console.log('<class> afterAttach');

When I test using npm start, only the constructor logs show up. Why am I not getting the lifecycle events?

npx --version:

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afterBind has been changed to bound
afterAttach has been changed to attached

Can you try again?

Also, where did you read the documentation related to these lifecycle names?

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That worked–thanks!

Where should I find this info?

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For lifecycles, you can find the information here Components Lifecycles - The Aurelia Docs

I guess @HamedFathi been busy with updating the migration doc


@wayne My Aurelia docs was a test just for API part.

Ignore it. As @bigopon mentioned the official doc available under URL.

About side-by-side comparison (v1 vs v2) you can follow Components - The Aurelia Docs too.