Os.js 404 NOT FOUND


Suddenly each time I load my app system.src.js try to load this file htp://localhost:2112/src/os.js

Any idea Please?

It tries to load module “os” from remote based on baseUrl “src/”, because it could not find the module in your bundler(s) files.

“os” is one of the core modules of nodejs, I guess you are using (explicitly or implicitly by deps) some code designed to only run in backend nodejs environment.

Yes I’m using node.jscaptura
But suddenly in my app appears this error when I’m implementing routing-views.
Might I reinstall node.js?

By looking at your command line, I am not sure what setup you have. Clearly not using aurelia-cli bootstrapped setup.

You may try ask directly the developer who provided the app setup you are using.