Project migration, now I have Reflect.getOwnMetadata bug

Hello, I hope someone can assist. I’m in the process of migrating my project into a yarn workspace. I searched for this issue and the only hits seemed to be related to ensuring typescript was set to target ES6.

As soon as I try to load the application in the browser I’m getting the Reflect.getOwnMetadata is not a function.

My Typescript config is set to target ES6 and module is ESNext. I have another application already in the yarn workspace with similar configuration and all is good.

Update. It seems that by adding reflect-metatdata to my project and then including it on my main.ts that it works. I’m still confused

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aurelia-bootstrapper supposes to load aurelia-polyfill which has that reflect thing.

Somewhere messed up in the booting up?


I’ll revisit it on Monday as I still haven’t gotten the project loading up yet. I got past the reflect issue though.

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