Setup aurelia-sortablejs with webpack

I had used aurelia-sortablejs in my project which I bundled using the Aurelia CLI. Recently I moved that project to webpack and I’ve ironed out most of the migration issues but I can’t make aurelia-sortablejs work. I have no console errors but it doesn’t do anything. I’ve registered it in this manner but I guess it’s not the proper way.

Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks ahead.

Nevermind. Decided to skip on aurelia-sortablejs and just implement it with the sortablejs library itself.

If you just need simple reordering, have a look of


This is fantastic. Super smooth dragging also on mobile

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@huochunpeng I will definitely look into that.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

The latest version of the plugin (1.1.0) should work in webpack.



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