[Solved] BindingSignaler

Does the BindingSignaler still exist in Aurelia 2?

<div>${functionCall() & signal:'xy'}</div>

What’s the recommendation for advanced/complex update scenarios? Should we use the new watch() decorator instead?

Thanks for any help.

Hi @elitastic! You need to use the ISignaler instead. Here is one example from the docs:

import { Signals } from '@aurelia/i18n';
import { ISignaler } from 'aurelia';

export class MyDemoVm {

  constructor(@ISignaler private readonly signaler: ISignaler) {}

  public changeRelativeTimeFormat() {
    this.signaler.dispatchSignal(Signals.RT_SIGNAL); // the signal 'aurelia-relativetime-signal' is exposed by Signals.RT_SIGNAL
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That’s great, thanks for your help!

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