Propper signaling: BindingSignaler.signal() or signalBindings()?

In my code I used to have both BindingSignaler.signal("name") and signalBindings("name") with same signal name for view and value converter bindings correspondingly. It worked well. But I was wondering why I need to do the “same thing” twice. So, I started to investigate and for my relief found some old commit stating that

Binding signaler signal has been deprecated. Please use "import {signalBindings} from ‘aurelia-binding’ instead.

So, I removed BindingSignaler.signal()and, to my surprise, view’s signal binding behavior stopped working. Further investigation showed that Aurelia documentation still has both methods and the current binding-signaler code (converted to TypeScript by now) has no more deprecation warning.

So, my question is: do I need to signal it twice? Probably yes, if otherwise it doesn’t work. So, why then? Am I missing something and that deprecation warning was for another similarly named component?
It’s confusing, can someone put some light on this? Thank you in advance.

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binding behavior signal works in subtly different way compared to a signal from a value converter, despite the same “look and feel” on the surface, that why the merge of binding behavior and value converter was reverted.

Thank you @bigopon, now I feel better by knowing I’m not doing something stupid :slight_smile:

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