Support Request - Proposal for Bitcoin core wallet to use Aurelia


I’ve opened a technical proposal with the Litecoin core team here - - detailing how the wallet could be built. I know someone’s going to say “but why Aurelia?” so if any of you want to show support by clicking the hooray emoji reaction in that issue feel free to (if this sounds like an interesting project you would lend advice or code to).

Slightly longer 'splanation

To further Aurelia adoption I am looking for some high profile projects that we could contribute our knowledge and community knowledge to. The goal with this proposal would be to get it working and then create a proposal for the Bitcoin core software to use Aurelia for the front-end for the core wallet. This would be great exposure and a public open source project.

To make sure we show that we support this I’m asking for the community to work together to show we can do this and show that the Aurelia community is strong.


I do find this very interesting and would like to help. At the same time, I am “brimming” with a number of interesting projects, without any even potential collaborators. So, Patrick, I am proposing a more organized way towards the creation and management of new projects - hopefully with the full support by Rob.

Understanding that I am now introducing “meta-data” in your concrete proposal, I am very happy to work with you (at least) on the creation of the Aurelia Community Projects topic where litecoin could be the very first “subject”.

My past experience in interaction with Aurelians tells me that your response will be “I am too busy at the moment” :smile:

I’ve been working for a few months on an Aurelia web application that interacts with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Git repo here:


For anyone interested in contributing to the proof of concept -

There isn’t going to be much time for discussion so if you are trying to jump in and not sure where to start you can use that task list. Time would be best spent understanding the technology rather than asking questions for a proof of concept at least, once it is “approved” there will probably be more time for discussion.