Take variables from index.html

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I would like to take some variables generated from index.html and not inside aurelia.
How can I do this?

For example this ( but can be everything):

into :


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Hello @AndreaProgrammerIT2, the general idea is to not to deal with global variables in that sense. Whatever you want to do in a script tag in index.html can be put into the bootstrapping/startup function of an Aurelia app.

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Alternatively if you really have to deal with e.g. server rendered state or predefined data you’d have to put it into window. Also make sure to put it inside a namespace for lesser collision conflicts. E.g window.yourApp.userLang = …

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The variables in your index.html are created as global JS variables.

Just access them as global variables.

attached() {
  // Or explicitly from window which all global variables were attached to
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