Template rendering slower after updates

I’m always behind on updates due to working offline. Recently I updated my project to use all the latest packages. I’ve noticed that rendering, especially where I’m doing a repeaters is visually slower.

Where there any performance hits noted with aurelia-templating or binding? Any things that I simply should not be doing anymore.

I can’t share code…

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@elitemike can you share what version you upgrade from/to?
And also browser version?

We are running the latest chrome and Firefox. Both browsers exhibit the same behavior
My package.json prior had
aurelia-bootstrap at ^ 2.3.0
aurelia-polyfills at ^1.3.0
aurelia-templating at ^1.10.1

I’m actually not sure what version was being pulled in. When I updated our last npm offline repo I copied all the latest from a clean cli webpack install

I moved to how the latest cli generated webpack project starts so i have
aurelia-bootstrap at ^2.3.2
and the other 2 items are removed

my running version of templating is 1.10.2
binding is 2.3.1
bootstrap is 2.3.3

I did notice that the latest cli webpack does things differently with the polyfill in main.ts. I am confused by this out of box configuration.

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It may be the lack of bluebird… Early testing indicates it is.

If this is the case, I question the teams decision to not use bluebird for the oob. My site literally went to crap. I have a form builder that would be nearly instantly rendered, you’d get to watch the elements come in one by one.

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Make sure your compiled code is in loose mode as well. Spec compliant compiled code is perf killer

I’m actually not sure what you mean by this. Is this a webpack setting or TS?

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Well i thought you might be using babel, and compiling your code to spec compilant

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