Testers welcome

Some pull requests need testing.
There are a lot of you with all kinds of setup. I don’t see how core team can account for all the edge cases.

Some pull requests from community contributors need testing.

For example this one:
which allows to target more modern ES6 syntax in output bundles… If one can not target older browsers…
This actually allows for smaller bundles…

But it needs some testing before it could be merged.

Are there willing able bodied developers around willing to do some manual labour?
Magic won’t happen on it’s own.

If this one will get some meaningful response from community, I’ll start posting from time to time links to PRs that need testing.

And everybody could see those changes coming faster.

@rodu could you add some instructions on how to test your PR?

From my analysis, new projects created with the CLI containing this patch should work out of the box. This is easy to test also with existing projects:

  1. Take a note of the current CLI you are using: au --version just in case you want to reinstall that
  2. Pull down the patch
  3. uninstall your current aurelia-cli (npm uninstall -g aurelia-cli)
  4. Follow the instructions in the README of the CLI project to build the patch version. Follow all steps.
  5. Make sure to run npm link aurelia-cli in your existing project as the README says
  6. Run your project build as usual (generally au build --env prod) and observe how minification completes

I would expect that existing projects can keep the current configuration and build with this version of the CLI that uses uglify-es with no problems. Unless they were created long ago and have some other kind of incompatibility, in which case they should probably not bother or migrate first.

Projects created using the CLI prior to the introduction of Webpack can do some further testing by transpiling to ES6 output and checking that now minification completes with no errors. This is for TypeScript projects (target: es6) or those who have some Babel configuration and are OK to get some ES6 code in output.