The current health of Aurelia

Great tutorials will be key. When I go through tutorials on competitors they are OK but takes a while to do them.

I need basic things usually: (1) setup/install (2) SSR or SEO help (3) blog-like features (4) Routing (5) an HTTPS connector library to communicate with backend. (6) Conditions/loops/models/form components in html

Remember, few will remember Au1 if Au2 is amazing. The framework wars still have no golden star. I could roll a dice when deciding between Svelte, Vue, React, Angular, Aurelia. But I dread the few roadblocks that I may encounter.

How much would you laugh if I told you the current Angular tutorials/docs won’t even load in Chrome?

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I agree with ArchEnemy. Aurelia is great, hitting all the sweet spots. What it needs now is make a good impression.

  • No confusion between V1 and V2 (failed)
  • Great documentation (failed for v2)
  • Make sure the example applications in v2 work (I cant make most of them even compile)

I am trying to onboard Aurelia for the next project, but the above makes winning the team over hard. As well of course for newcomers to pick up this great project with huge potential.


At work I develop a very large Angular app. It’s so cumbersome and bloated, and I’ve been doing it for 6 years. About 6 years ago I started playing with Aurelia. A few small personal projects here and there. I just started two new personal projects, one of which will go live this year (hopefully in a couple months). Keep in mind that I only work on these personal projects on the weekends in my spare time. I can tell you that the time to market using au1 destroys ng2. Aurelia 1 is just so simple and well thought out. The only reason I haven’t switched to Au2 is because I need something production ready in 2 months, and I’m waiting for a migration guide (I just don’t have time to figure it out myself right now).

If I had to do it over again, I would have chosen Aurelia for the corporate application I work on. Unfortunately, everything was new to me and outside influence trumped our own internal experience. Any new apps will surely be Aurelia, especially if we can get Ionic integration.

I love this framework. Couple it with Hapi.js/node, and you really have the perfect ES full-stack solution.


Maybe some of you should come work with us where you can work on Aurelia full-time. :slight_smile:


@djedi Tell us more, haha.

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See Full-stack Position working with Aurelia

We have filled the position posted there, but we will likely be hiring throughout the year. So if you’re interested in chatting, shoot me an email or PM on this discord and send me your resume. We have a fun little Aurelia/python coding challenge that anyone here should be able to knock out of the park.


I’m working for a medium-sized company creating HR business software and we’re using Aurelia for our frontend.

We evaluated the known framework alternatives quite intensively and came to the conclusion that Aurelia (also in version 1) is simply miles ahead of the others in terms of simplicity and flexibility. Convention over Configuration creates so much less boilerplate and yet it is possible to implement even very complex requirements very easily.

We are fully convinced of Aurelia. Of course, we are also looking forward to version 2, as there are some cool new features. (shadow dom support, css file by convention, improved getter evaluation etc.)

But until then we are still fully satisfied with version 1.


I love Aurelia and am really excited about v2. However, it is very discouraging that Aurelia somehow never seems to make it “mainstream”. For instance, I just started a new sandbox on (a site that the Aurelia team uses for its own code samples). CodePen opens a dialog with a number of Official Templates – React, Vue, Angular, Typescript, etc. Aurelia is sadly missing!

The fact that the Aurelia name never seems to appear anywhere that the “mainstream” names appear makes me wonder if Aurelia is always going to be a second-class citizen. I hope not – but its dreadfully hard to convince people to use a system they’ve never heard of.


I noticed the exact same thing yesterday! I wanted to write a POC for aurelia-ui-virtualization and I had to come back to the docs and fork the Hello World example because there is no starting point for Aurelia on CodePen.

In case you don’t already know, there is a very well alternative to CodePen for Aurelia:


Given its current state as it presents to me, things do not look good. It fails right out of the box.
I followed the instructions here:

Is there a definitive set of instructions and installation files that will install and run successfully on Windows 10? If there isn’t, I would say that is a fair indication that you will not be acquiring many developers.

I get it that software is often imperfect, but something that simply does not run at all out of the box is badly failed.

If someone can point me to files that will actually work, I’ll give it another go.


One of the errors looks like this:
throw err;

Error: Cannot find module ‘D:\std\dvl\nodejs\node_modules\npm\bin\npm-cli.js’

huh? This is not a troubleshooting thread, but I just ran Aurelia1 recently on two separate Win10 computers, my friend needed a blog… Fastest to production in AWS instantly. npm install -g aurelia-cli … then au new (webpack, Typescript) and npm start … works great bud. I deployed with AWS Amplify & CodeCommit npm run build. Try again on a fresh Windows10. That’s what’s so easy about it: getting up and running in minutes is the key to frameworks.

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i can only suspect an old nodejs version but I also didnt have any issues so far on either Win or Linux

I am also like Aurelia very much. But I see the same problems.
It is hard for me to convince some others to choose for Aurelia if Aurelia 2 takes so much time to be finished.

I just some kind of figure when it will be done. I had expected that Aurelia alpha would there be in 2020. But it is still not there. So what should I do now?

It would be nice if the milestones in the GitHub repository would give some indication. But I see there an RC version with less issues then an alpha version. And a 0.8 version that is finished a long time ago.


Currently I am learning…for the same reason

@Sayan751 it would be nice to know the current state of aurelia 2 perhaps a blog post to provider a wider update?

how far away is v2 proper? It seems like we are seeing less people working on it? has the team shrunk? for example, @bigopon is very quiet in discourse recently?


Here is a short update. @dwaynecharrington has improved the Aurelia2 docs a lot! Those are looking really awesome right now. He might also be doing a blog post.

He has kindly identified a couple of router issues as well. I will be busy with those in coming days. Once those are fixed, I think we can expect a release.

Contextually, I would really like to emphasize that the Aurelia2 in its current shape offers a stable framework. Therefore, I would also go this far by suggesting you guys to try out the framework. In case of any issues, you know how to reach us. We can always use your feedback.


The docs are in a way better state now. I filled in a lot of the placeholder content that was missing. We’ve got everything from templating to testing docs now. I do have some blog posts

And reiterating what Sayan said, Aurelia 2 is in a state where we would recommend creating a new project with it, or considering the porting process from v1. While we don’t officially have the beta out yet, we’re closer than we’ve ever been. Between now and the beta release(s), you’re not going to see many breaking changes (if any) that would make using Aurelia 2 now a problem. One thing that will differ is the router, but only in some aspects.


Hilariously (and this may be silly of me) I am building a sort of simple blog webapp as well in Au1 and simultaneously Au2 just to learn it better. Kinda also helps to compare the two documentations as well. Looking great so far, no issues other than router docs needing enhancement [it’s very long]. I’m liking it so far a lot though and getting back into it.


Just finished reading all the current docs for Au2 after a year hiatus. I’d like to share that I am greatly impressed, not least with the router, and the extreme attention to ergonomics, like portalling among many other cunning ideas. The health of Aurelia looks very good to me, thank you to the core team.