Uncaught Error: Unrecognized event name: undefined

Hello everybody ! :slight_smile:

Everything is in the title :blush: Need more details anyway ? OK. I just created a new Aurelia application from scratch, nothing added after the au new.

I then run it with au run --watch, and here what I find in the web console:

Then, I cried :sob: Ok, maybe I exagerate a bit :grin: Does someone have some insight about this ? Thanks !

Cannot reproduce.

There is no “receivePageEvent” in any source code of aurelia core libs. What is your content_script.js? I don’t think bare “au new” gave you that file.

It could be error from one of your chrome plugins.

Yea it is a chrome extension for sure.

Yeah, indeed you re both right, sorry for the false alarm :sweat_smile:

When I clicked on the content_script.js:10 and scrolled up to the top of the script, I saw a comment indicating that it was part of the SideWise extension :wink:

Thanks again for the really quick answer, and sorry for not diving deep enough before posting here ! :innocent:

I do not know how to close this request. If someone does, I’ll gladly do it :wink: