Update aurelia to latest versions of all packages

Recent blog post refers to a bunch of new updates:


If I run yarn outdated - I see there is nothing to update in my current setup.

If I run yarn list --pattern "aurelia" I can see that there are lots of versions of older versions of aurelia modules that have been updated since I started my project a few weeks ago by running the CLI. eg:

├─ aurelia-task-queue@1.3.1
├─ aurelia-templating-binding@1.4.3
├─ aurelia-templating-resources@1.7.1
├─ aurelia-templating-router@1.3.2
├─ aurelia-templating@1.8.3

If I try to update a single package, that just results in conflicts, and my app stops working.

What command do I use to update all of Aurelia to a stable, working latest version?

this might help.

Great. Thanks. I will have a look at that.

It would be a lot easier if there was just one “aurelia” to download and update. No-one really cares how it is built internally, and exposing all that clutter to end-users is one of the things that makes aurelia hard to use. Life is too short to care about package mangers breaking your app.


This looks very useful though appears deeply embedded in the questions and answers. The mainstream documentation should state how to update the framework to the latest version otherwise adopters will download it, spend some time building applications, update, break it, give up and move on to another framework since it may not be perceived stable.


Agree, feel free to create a PR saying it in the words you see fit. Also with vNext things should become much easier

I’m not sure where to submit PRs. Do you have a URL? I thought discourse was for discussion of problems/opportunities :slight_smile:

I’m sorry If that came over rude, definitely was not meant that way. Most of the times the docs contributed by others than the core team are way better since we are sometimes to biased. Thats why we tend to ask for PRs :wink:

When you look through the docs you can see from the url which repo docs are used. Eg for the CLI there is a doc folder with multiple markdown files. Simply create a PR for one of that where your text fits.

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lvparkington Thanks for offering to help! If you could create a PR off aurelia/framework and add a doc to the doc/article/drafts folder, that would be a huge help. I’ll make sure to get it reviewed and published right away if you ping me (@davismj) in the PR.

Many thanks for advice. As we know a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The most important thing is to grasp what the next step should be. We have all been discussing the gap between where we are and where we want to be. Since this is open source we can either download what we want and do what we want or collaborate as a movement. There are no problems only opportunities so a PR should be perceived an OR (Opportunity Report). There is a balance between deep diving and developing normally since each job represents a unique way to press forwards. Some call this diversity (which can be a distraction where too many questions can be asked) though others reflect this as experience (usually a repository of answered questions). I’m not a fan of large quantities of detailed documentation but when deciding what to use, where to go, need to determine the options, their usage, popularity and so on. Above all, these activities are subject to time and money constraints and whether satisfactory progress is made in a normal, non toxic, commercial environment.

For example, I subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud for personal/professional purposes. The updates to Mac recently stalled since the latest require update from El Capitan to macOS Mojave. I was confident the iMac could handle this overnight and it id. That is seriously updatable software. Now we all need to raise our game and write our software this way. The days of uncompilable, unbuildable, software saved in repositories or evermore need to be numbered. There is no documentation since it does not need any :slight_smile:

Really interesting thoughts.

Feel free to ping me once you’ve got the PR created and I’ll get it merged in.