V1 - Waiting for review for multiple PR's


while working on a production application that uses aurelia v1.
one of my team members stumblled into a buggy behaviour while using the <compose /> element.

when I investigated the issue, I found that the docs of that spesific behaviour was simplly missing, and that some types were not exposed correctly from the module.

I’ve ended up finding the issue in the source code, so I’ve created a PR for a fix + updated the unit tests accordignlly to reflect the previous buggy behaviour and the fix.

  • I’ve exported the missing type, and updated the docs.

who can check and accept those PR’s?

the link for the issues are: [the PR’s are linked to the issues]

@bigopon I think that this is your area… can you take a look?

with much love and respect for aurelia :slight_smile:


Hey I did see and look at the work. Thanks. Just i didnt have bandwidth over the weekend. Will check them soon. Thanks